What to Buy at a Dispensary

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So, you finally went through the process of getting your medical marijuana license and now you’re ready to make your first purchase. But what do you get? There can literally be hundreds of products to choose from.  And what you buy all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve.

You can either smoke it, apply it, or eat it. In the smoke it category, you can either buy flowers or concentrate form. Eating it means enjoying a variety of edibles from soft chew candies, to suckers, drinks and cookies. Applying it can come in forms of oils or lotions.

If you want to keep it simple and you are already familiar with marijuana, you can choose to just buy flowers on your first trip. Flowers are what you put in your pipe and smoke. If you don’t have a pipe, you can choose a pre-roll, which is just the bud wrapped in paper and ready to smoke (given you have a lighter or matches). There are two basic types of flowers: indica and sativa and then the cross between them which they refer to as a hybrid. An indica strand will keep you nice and relaxed and a sativa strand will act as a stimulant. The THC percentage will let you know how potent it will be and how “high” it can get you.  If it’s high in CBD, you’re looking at more of a pain relief and anti-anxiety effect.  To learn more about different strands, visit Leafly.com and search by name.

If you don’t like the coughing and big puffs of smelly smoke associated with smoking, you can opt for a concentrated form typically sold in cartridges and used in vape pens. There are many options, some pens even come with pre-filled cartridges for a one time use.

If you prefer not to deal with the smoking at all, you can always eat your marijuana. There are many good edible products on the market and what is available to you depends on which dispensary you visit.  If you have never consumed marijuana before, you should be aware that it can have a profoundly different effect on you than smoking it.  You should therefore proceed with caution and only try a very small amount to see how it impacts you before taking the recommended dosage.

Last but not least, you can apply it with a topical. Topicals are great for relieving pain. They can be used on your legs for sore and muscles, on your forehead for headaches, and on your feet to relieve aching feet  just to name a few.

It’s good to try a variety of products. Some work better than others and in the end, it’s all a personal preference.